Glenn Hutchinson 

Champion and advocate for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs – because there’s nothing  ‘small’ about small business!

Collectively, Small Business is the creator of wealth, jobs and sense of community and this standing must be recognised, encouraged and rewarded.

Small Business is Australia’s Business!

Vision, Issues, & Values

Small businesses are at the heart of Australia’s economy. They are the main element driving economic growth and energy while creating employment opportunities through their growth and innovation. But they are often the first in the economy to feel the effects of slow growth or bad policy making by out-of-touch governments.

It is for that reason that we must identify the obstacles in the way of entrepreneurs and start tackling unnecessary regulations and the disproportionately negative impact they have on small business.

I make it my business to fully understand the collective impact of federal, state and local regulations on small business so that I can help clear the path for free enterprise to operate.

Small Business is the creator of wealth, jobs and sense of community and this standing must be recognised, encouraged and rewarded.


To encourage and support free enterprise throughout Australia by identifying and negating the adverse and disproportionate impact government red tape and regulation is having on small business


Government red tape, unnecessary regulatory burdens on small business, unworkable industrial relations environment, high level of net migration and the impact on opportunities for Australian workers and a general lack of support for the entrepreneurs existing and future


Free enterprise, small government, reward for effort and risk, full employment and a strong sense of community

The Leadership & Advocacy Small Business Needs Right Now

About Glenn

With a varied background from  Bank Manager, in the days that the local bank managers had really strong relationships with their customers, through to a corporate career in waste management, labour hire and contracting where his customers have almost entirely been small business owners, Glenn is well placed to understand the needs of small business and advocate on their behalf.

For the past 7 years I have been at the ‘cutting edge’ or perhaps I should say more accurately ‘the bleeding edge’ of small business as a Small Business Owner.  I quickly came to realise that the issues that have plagued the growth of small business are not going away,  in fact they are getting worse.” Glenn says.

People in this state and beyond are concerned and confused with our regressive employment laws, making it hugely difficult to employ people in their businesses without taking enormous personal and financial risks.  There is no doubt that small business owners are increasingly seeing their success and growth opportunities being impeded by the regulatory environment they face.  It does seem that the odds are stacked against them and the personal and financial risks they take in running their business are becoming just too onerous for some.”

Glenn says “It doesn’t have to be this hard, the issues just need to have some good old fashioned common sense applied,  but the problem is ‘common sense isn’t all that common’ certainly not in the corridors of parliament it seems”.

For many years now,  I have witnessed and been involved in the struggles small businesses face when dealing with bureaucrats whether they be representatives of the Fair Work Ombudsman, the ATO or government agencies.  What is needed is for someone to be at the table when decisions are made who has a clear understanding of how small business operates, how it interacts with its workers and customers and who really knows what is at stake if the business fails to succeed.”

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If you would like to speak with me about any of the issues impacting on your business related to government regulation, compliance etc., just submit your details here and I will get in touch with you via email.

News & Updates 

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I recently posted an article entitled “The true impact of record number of overseas students on Small Business”.  In this article I quote Dr Bob Birrell, who heads the Australian Population Research Institute, citing his recent report in which he concludes: “The main...

Why should people vote for you Glenn?

Listen to a great conversation where Barry Green of Western Tourist Radio asks Glenn this very question.  Great insight into what drives Glenn to stand up for small business and how he intends to do it.

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I recently met with an owner of a small country Post office and General Store.  As we all know, these businesses play a big part in country towns across the regional areas of our big state. Like the School and the Community Country Club, they are the heart of the...

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