Further to my submission  to the Senate Economics References Committee’s inquiry into underpayments, my comments in relation to the ridiculous ongoing saga around zombie-agreements were highlighted in a recent edition of Workplace Express –  a digital, subscription-based news outlet which provides the essential news and information about the issues and risks affecting your workplace.

These agreements are referred to as zombie-agreements because they are well past their nominal expiry date and, in essence they should be dead – but they are not and they contribute to the creation of a very uneven playing field within certain industries.

Many businesses are tendering for work unsuccessfully, unable to compete.  They remain unaware that their competitors are operating under employee agreements (and subsequent pre-FairWork pay rates).  These so-called zombie agreements would have absolutely no chance of passing muster with Fair Work under the current guidelines but have been allowed to continue on year-in year-out.   This anomaly must be brought to an end.

If you would like to read more about this particular aspect of my submission, you can read it by clicking below:

New way needed to kill zombie agreements