Well I have come to the end of my election program. I am very passionate about small business; it is the single biggest employer group in this country.

Business owners are under continued attack from ever-growing bureaucracy, increasing the cost and risk of doing business. Small business people should be admired for having the guts to give it a go.

Not enough politicians understand small business, and whilst this continues, we are going to see this section of the community abused by over complicated legislation.

It is very hard as an Independent to fight against the power of the major parties. It takes a lot of money and time. In a small way however, I have been able to raise the issues of small business and if it only makes a small difference then I will have won anyway.

If, like me you are passionate about the continued survival of small businesss, particularly in this State, you can give your  Number 1 vote.  You can do this you will need to vote below the line on the Senate paper.  You need to go to the far-right hand side of the paper column UNG (Ungrouped) and I am listed as HUTCHINSON, Glenn.